I Learn A New Habit : Good Thinking Or The Problem Solving Technique

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Day 6, Learn a new habit: good thinking or the problem-solving technique Good thinking is more or less positive thinking, and those who choose this path (good thinking with all circumstances), are able to solve problems faster than the ones who let themselves be overtaken by grief, sadness or anger. This is not just something that is said for the fun of it. In fact, in 1890 William James an American Philosopher and Psychologist had already figured out that our thoughts could change the structure and function of our brains. This theory implies that our brain can adapt endlessly because, well, it’s a dynamic organ. This theory has been very popular these last few years, and psychologists (or should we say people in the scientific world in general), have encouraged people to focus on positivity no matter what. The consequences are less stress, which means less depression, more hope, which implies a problem-solving attitude and most important of all, it helps regenerate your brain cells instead of killing them (like we’ve said earlier in the previous days).
So, how do you use good thinking in the morning to help optimize your brain functions?
Early in the morning, complete this “ritual” before you start up with anything:
-Count 1 and tell yourself: “It’s a new day with new challenges, I have to look and feel my best”
-Count 2 and tell yourself: “I will use my morning routine before work (or school, etc.) as the jumpstart point to the rest of my activities (in here, you are…

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