Informative Speech on Donald Trump Essay

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Informative Speech: Donald Trump

Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will know more about Donald Trump.


I. Does anyone know who’s famous line is “you’re fired!”? Donald Trump. Whether you have seen him on the Apprentice or see him all over the news, Donald Trump seems to be in the media quite a lot. II. By the end of this speech, you will have learned more about the life of Donald Trump. III. We are all business students and Donald Trump has stood out in the business world. IV. I have read a book by Donald Trump and actively read his twitter feed, so I am up-to-date on his media coverage. V. The three aspects of Donald Trump’s life that I will inform you about are what he is known
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2. You have probably seen Trump in the news recently when he demanded for President Obama’s birth certificate, passport, and college degrees. a. He takes credit for when Obama presented his birth certificate. b. In October, Trump gave Obama an ultimatum of presenting his passport and college publications for $5 million donation to charity. D. Donald Trump also has his own segment on Fox News. 1. He is featured on the Fox & Friends segment. a. His part of the show is called Monday Mornings with Trump.

(Transition: Now that you know what Trump is known for in the media, we can talk about something else Trump is known for.)

II. Second, let me explain his success in business world. A. Right out of college, Donald Trump went into the family real estate business. 1. This is where Trump got most of his wealth. a. He learned a lot from his father, Fred Trump. 2. He is still very active in his real estate business. B. You may have seen one of Trump’s hotels before. 1. There are currently eight hotels across America and Canada. a. A ninth hotel is being built in Washington D.C. 2. His hotels are in any of the major cities, such as Las Vegas and New York City. a. In 2010, Travel + Leisure, a well known travel magazine, rated Trump International Tower and Hotel in Chicago as the number one city hotel in America. i. Also according to the article, the

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