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The internet has been a wide usage in all the fields in the present competitive world. It is being used in the education, research, business and what not, in everything. But providing security for the users information or transactions or any other data in any of the field has become a paramount. This paper gives a vivid picture of “E-commerce” and the vulnerabilities they are facing in providing a secure system for the users. In other words, how the security attacks are made either by the hackers or the intruders, the ways how they attack and exploit to illegitimate means. This paper is an
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The software vendor is the last of the three legitimate players.

A threat is a possible attack against a system. It does not necessarily mean that the system is vulnerable to the attack. An attacker can threaten to throw eggs against your brick house, but it is harmless. Vulnerability is a weakness in the system, but it is not necessarily be known by the attacker. Vulnerabilities exist at entry and exit points in the system. In a house, the vulnerable points are the doors and windows.
Points the attacker can target As mentioned, the vulnerability of a system exists at the entry and exit points within the system. Figure shows an e-Commerce system with several points that the attacker can target:
• Shopper
• Shopper' computer
• Network connection between shopper and Web site's server
• Web site's server
• Software vendor

Tricking the shopper: Some of the easiest and most profitable attacks are based on tricking the shopper, also known as social engineering techniques. These attacks involve surveillance of the shopper's behavior, gathering information to use against the shopper. For example, a mother's maiden name is a common challenge question used by numerous sites. If one of these sites is tricked into giving away a password once the challenge question is provided, then not only has this site been compromised, but it is also likely that the shopper used the same logon ID and password on

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