Iphone Issues Essay

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper analyses what were the effects of the antenna issues with IPhone that was launched on June 25th, 2010 and how it impacted the users and its service providers. This paper focuses on the impact of this issue on the demand, reliability of that product and the stakeholders.

The two issues that were related to the antenna of IPhone were:
• If the user would touch the antenna located on the outside of phone in two places, the phone’s reception would drop, while in use. This was a major issue as the consumers were not free to handle the iPhone the way they like. This issue set restrictions on the way of holding the handset.
• Another issue was that the phone would drop 4 or 5 signal bars if it
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This issue led to diversification of customers towards other brand names to suffice their needs. The customer base was little bit shattered due to this incident.
Consumer Reports initially stated that the problem is not unique and may not be serious and the signal issue is commonly faced by the entire smartphone industry. This report also stated that a small duct tape could prove to be an effective fix to IPhone 4’s call dropping issue (CNN). The consumers were unhappy with such an issue that was unacceptable. All the IPhone 4 owners were offered a free case to solve the antenna issue and even refund to those who had already purchased it. The Consumer Reports stated that the solution was not good enough to be permanent but it was well enough to a first step. The offering of free bumper was just a temporary solution to a big issue. This issue had a negative impact on IPhone. It was removed from the top 10 cell phones chart of PC World. Even after negative media responses, almost 72% of iPhone 4 users stated to be very satisfied with their phone (August 2010 survey, ChangeWave Research).

2. AT&T
AT&T had to face a number of lawsuits over the issue of signal reception found in iPhone 4. The AT&T service executives and the customer care representatives had to answer daily calls of angry customers due to the issue of call dropping and signal reception. AT&T had to suffer due to the hardware problem of Apple and the customer’s outburst was natural

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