Essay on Is American Identity And Food A Blessing Or A Curse?

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Is American identity and food a blessing or a curse? Do you know what’s in your food before it goes in your child mouth? Do you know what G.M.O’s are? Today, there are so many avenues to get something to eat from fast foods, food trucks, and even restaurants. People are finding new way to eat healthier, be more aware of what they eat, and changing their life style when it comes to food. In mainstream culture, celebrities like Beyoncé, Prince, and Ariana Grande have glamorized this new diet, creating a fad behind this movement. Vegetarians and Vegans are the characteristics best associated with the spiritualism food ideology. The supportively important sources of food are form spiritualism is usually creative out of moral religious or ethical concerns. Nevertheless, vegetarian diet is essentially a healthy diet. Veganism is an Identity here in the U.S., American traditional eating habits has change over time to fit a certain lifestyle; also, Americans are more aware of GMO’s, wanting to eat healthier, and choosing to stay with tradition by cooking their foods. We all have busy lives between work, school, and football practice every day as Americans may or may not have time to prepare a home cooked meal for their families. There are families that have home cooked meals when times premise it. In some cultures home cooked meals are a must no matter what is going on they all meet at the table at a certain time. With the foods that are put on the table tradition takes font…

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