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Rusty Rims IT Strategic Plan

Part One

1. Business Statement Rusty Rims (RR) has been in business for over 60 years. They are a distribution and regional transportation company. RR is headquartered in Wilmington, DE with six (6) distribution terminals on the East Coast (Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, New York City, Washington DC, Newark NJ and Wilmington DE) that are used for consolidating freight. The company has a staff of 400 employees that include the truck drivers and has 100 delivery vehicles which include 20 tractor/semi-trailer units, 40 box trucks and 40 panel vans. Due to a slow economy, the company’s growth has been stagnant. The President’s goal is to increase the company’s growth by 5% each year and
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The IT Department will focus on ways to improve efficiencies in existing processes that can enhance the overall company’s business. 4. Governance An IT Governance provides the structured executive oversight of a company’s IT investments so they are aligned with the agreed upon strategic priorities. The Rusty Rims company should have an IT Governance process that will provide that executive leadership/oversight for all the company’s different service areas. IT Governance is the framework and broad discipline that helps integrate business strategies and decisions. The IT Governance Board should consist of key stakeholders/representatives from the different business units/departments; Company President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), VP of Operations, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Sales Manager, Fleet Maintenance Manager each having a voting role and responsibility of voting on areas that affect their applicable departments. The IT Governance Board should be chaired by the Company’s President and utilize the ITIL framework as a baseline because several of the company’s processes overlap with other departments. The IT Governance Board consist of members of the company’s management team that already meet weekly to discuss opportunities, issues and to plan for the future. The IT Governance Board will meet monthly to review the list of projects/tasks/opportunities and discuss the specifics and determine the

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