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John Q.

Question: Feature films can reinforce and/or question what is important to society at particular times. Discuss how John Q performs one or both of these social functions.

Society is constantly changing to make the world a better place to live in. This is why we need to be informed regularly of the issues we have in the world. A lot of issues are not really being discussed in print media therefore these issues are presented to the society through other mediums such as films, documentaries and even television series. The movie John Q, directed by Nick Cassavettes, and starring Denzel Washington, is a movie that makes us, the audience, realise the terrible life that one has to go through because of this holes in this modern
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Employer controlled insurance is used very commonly in the US, where the employer "helps" you to manage insurance. This should be convenient and effective for the employees, but in John Q, or even in the reality, it has caused many problems. In this movie, John's has changed from full-time to part-time and apparently his employer had changed insurance carriers. This is caused many problems for John Archibald, because at first he was not very much worried when he thought that his insurance could cover his son's surgery's fees, but after he went to see his employer to ask about his insurance he was shocked. The scene when he was talking to his employer had many close-ups on John's face to show his sad emotions. Other scenes that confront the audience of the difficulties that John had to go through in the result of the insurance change were the ones where he was selling his possessions and calculating the amount of money he had received. These scenes starts with a medium pace music then as the amount of money increases the music gets faster and faster, this creates a sense of hope disregarding the traumas that John is going through. This has positioned the audience to question about whether the people in the US should use employer-controlled insurance after all the trouble it has caused for John Archibald.

Together with a good health care system, we also need it to be fair and be available to everyone in the society

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