Journal Entry for Chapter 5 Essay

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Journal Entry 11.Chapter 5: The teacher and his teachings, Pages: 108-109. Monday 24, 2014
A New Kind of Teacher
Socrates a different kind of teacher, he was not paid to be a teacher and his teaching method was different. He believed that people could not think clearly if they are not clear on what they are analyzing or talking about. Therefore, in his teaching sessions he would ask questions and answer them the best he could. So I wondered, how different would the education system be if we had follow Socrates way of teaching? Socrates is one of the most important people in western philosophy. I found it interesting that we have no writings from his own hand, from his two students Plato and Xenophon. I agreed with Socrates claim that
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Can we really prove what is knowledge or just an opinion? Can we actually prove what true knowledge is?
Journal Entry 13. Chapter 6: The divine. Pages 155. Saturday, February 22, 2014. The Republic
I agree with Plato’s argument that there is a reciprocal relationship between the individual and the kind of society in which he or she lives on. If I were to be born in a different century I would be a different person. Also, If I was born in a different area, I would be a different person. My family is originally from a poor town in Mexico. If my family were to have stayed there I would have different thoughts and opinions because I would be adjusted to a different environment, have different customs and think differently because I would not have the same educational background like I have now. I also agree with Plato’s argument in “The Republic” that knowing what is right or wrong comes from experiences and consequences we encounter. We can only distingue between right or wrong based on our past actions. One is not truly aware of whether a situation is wrong or right till the consequences our acts produce bring us a basic understanding of moral truth. Is morality based only on experience? Is the instrumental theory of morality different for every individual since we are all different?
Journal Entry 15. Chapter 6: Page 151, Allegory of the Cave. Sunday, February 23,

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