Journey Of The Universe By Brian Thomas Swimme And Mary Eveln Tucker

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The universe has undergone a long and arduous transformation from its beginning. A simple explosion of dust led to the creation of everything. This transformation resulted in the creation of millions of cosmic entities such as stars and galaxies. As incredible as the creation of these celestial beings are, there is something more exciting that it created; us. Along with these collections of stars and dust, comes the planet Earth and its ability to create and foster life. In the book Journey of the Universe, the authors, Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Eveln Tucker, tell the story of the universe 's creation of life and its struggle to maintain perfect equilibrium while humans destroying the natural cycle it has created. As the universe and everything inhabiting it was created, the Earth was set up miraculously to do what other planets are unable to do; contain life. Earth and its life "arose with the capacity to maintain the delicate conditions of life"(56). Part of this condition involves the temperature. The temperature that the Earth has was thought to have been because of the perfect placement of the Earth from the sun. However, "the Sun has increased its temperature by nearly 25 percent"(56). The Earth has been able to remain habitable to life by changing the composition of its atmosphere. If something miniscule were to change with the Earth, then all of life could not be able to survive. It is as if the universe has a path set out for us. Finally, two billion years ago,…

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