Essay on Julie Andrews

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Summary Julie Andrews was born Julia Elizabeth Wells on 1 October 1935 in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. She is a born natural at performing, and she loves the stage. She made her first stage appearance at the very young age of two, as a fairy. Her aunt, Joan worked for dancing school where her mother, Barbara provided piano accompaniment for classes and performances, and her father, Ted made the stage sets. It was all too natural for her to come to be on the stage. Due to her mother’s stage ambitions for her, she was home taught and as her father was a teacher, it became convenient. World War II broke out when Julie was four, and her father volunteered for the Royal Air Force. Her parents soon separated and Barbara fell in …show more content…
During the last part of filming, Robert Wise, who was preparing the Broadway hit The Sound of Music for film, went to the Disney studios to see clips of the Mary Poppins film, and decided on Julie for the role of Maria Von Trapp. Shortly before filming these two movies, Julie gave birth to a baby girl Emma Kate, and the irony of her playing a nanny and having to hire one for her own child, was not lost on her. Mary Poppins was a big success at its debut on August 26, 1954, and it won Julie her first big award, a Golden Globe for best actress in a musical or comedy film, and then won an Oscar in the same category. The debut of The Sound of Music was on March 2, 1965 and it was the combination of these two films that made Julie Andrews a household name. These films were big steps for her, and she certainly did not take them for granted, but it meant the death of her marriage. Because she was filming so often, the only time she was able to spend time with Tony was during a break in filming, or if they happened to be working on films that were being taped close together. A year after her divorce, she married Blake Edwards, a director and also a producer. She often starred in his films, which were mostly flops. She was trying to change her image, but her audience was not buying her role as these new characters, which were very different from Mary and Maria. One of these shows was Victor/Victoria

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