Julius Caesar Contrasts Between Brutus and Cassius Essay

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Julius Caesar is set in 44 BC were Rome was a republic. Roman influence had spread beyond Italy and through the Mediterranean and some of North Africa and also parts of Germany, Belgium and Britain. A senate governed Rome. The main objective of all this meant that not one person was solely in charge and had absolute power and were king like.
Marcus Brutus is the most complex character in this play. Brutus is one of the men who assassinate Caesar in the senate. Brutus is complex, because he does not just kill Caesar for greed, envy or to protect his social position like so many of the other conspirators. This Brutus makes very clear in his speech in act III, scene II (lines 12-76), where he explains his actions as being only for the good
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In addition, it shows that he is concerned about his friends well being. Initially he may seem to the audience as a friendly senator, however as the scene will slowly show us that is used as a false cover-up to manipulate Brutus. Also, when Cassius says, “Brutus, I do observe you now of late”, not many people will disagree with the fact that Cassius is inflating Brutus’s` ego. However, the audience will think he’s been biding his time to manipulate like a predator and its prey. Moreover, he is adopting a weaker position to attempt to manoeuvre Brutus, and to inflate his ego to encourage him into conversation and bolster his pride. Cassius is moving Brutus into position. Brutus’s response is with a self satisfied tone; Brutus is adopting a position of superiority which is exactly what Cassius wants Brutus to do because this is one of his techniques he is using to manipulate Brutus.
In contrast with this, when Cassius says, “Then Brutus, I have much mistook your passions”, again the tone Cassius has replied with is in a very servile and apologetic. Cassius is adopting a weaker position. This is a very good applicable example of Cassius manipulative technique he has seen his early manoeuvre and now he is driving Brutus into conversation by being very obedient and is making Brutus reveal disturbing thoughts and this is his first stage of manipulation complete.
However his manipulation is not complete, he is now going to adopt his second stage of his

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