Essay on Junk Food Should Be Taxed At A High Price

830 Words Mar 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Many states are deciding to impose or have imposed taxes on junk food to regulate the amount of junk food individuals buy. Many individuals believe that junk food should be taxed at a high price and that healthy foods should be cheaper. The selections, “Evolution’s Sweet Tooth” by Daniel E. Lieberman and “Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables” by Mark Bittman, discuss the fact that many adults consume large amounts of unhealthy food products and that adults should eat more healthy foods. The article, “Addiction to Unhealthy Foods Shouldn’t Require Government Regulation” by Jayson Lusk, discusses that many individuals have the right to eat anything they want and that it is more the individuals’ choice to eat right. Diseases such as Type II diabetes and heart disease can be associated to obesity and many individuals’ bad-eating habits. Many adults may continue to eat unhealthy but they shouldn 't allow their children to eat unhealthy as well. The government should put a tax on junk food in order to help persuade individuals to make healthier food choices; as a result, the percentage of individuals with obesity could lower. The plan of raising the price of junk foods could help lower the price of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and help increase consumption of these foods. Some healthy foods are sold at high prices by the pound; as a result, individuals buy the cheap and unhealthy alternative: junk food. Many individuals who receive low income tend to buy junk…

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