Essay on Kalabagh Dam Pakistan

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Submitted to: Mr. Ali Shahrukh Pracha
Submitted by: Amirah Hashmi
The Kalabagh dam controversy has been the highlight of attention since a long time now. Every now and then an issue is raised and left unsorted leaving the related provinces further confused as Pakistan’s government has not been able to decide between the two contrasting point of views since the last 27 years (1984, since its design was presented)(Iftikhar,2005) . The basic issue Kalabagh dam project is facing is the different point of views the main territories of Pakistan have. Sindh assumes that if this project is not stopped and allowed to resume the province it would be deprived of their share of
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But the controversy remains the same. Back in 2000, several meetings were held in order to give an attempt to solve out the kalabagh dam issue but even the conclusions they got up to were statements like kalabagh dam undoubtedly would benefit the provinces “But if we fail to enhance water storage capacity, then we would only be redistributing water shortage among the provinces which has been done with much difficulty in the past” (Rizvi, 2000)

Demand for electricity in Pakistan is growing at an accelerating rate of 7% per annum, (ESCAP, 2003) which Pakistan’s government is not being able to handle which is resulting in increasing load shedding day by day, which was the very reason for which kalabagh dam was being built but due to the attached complications people have even stopped keeping in consideration that this project is going to resume ever again! Mostly people have a negative response for kalabagh dam due to the major reason mentioned in the introduction but the people in the favor of kalabagh dam really think that not making is one big mistake Pakistan’s government would do. As they think that it would not only benefit the agricultural economy but also water utilization would be done more efficiently or wisely, According to those group of people the situation is not exactly as it is being presented and it is the involvement of a lot of politics which has ruined the situation further

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