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Critiquing A Qualitative And Quantitative Study
Eunique Burgos
Kaplan University

Critiquing Qualitative and Quantitative Studies
In this research paper, we are to critique two different articles where one is based upon a qualitative study and the other one is based upon a quantitative study. The articles that were chosen for us to critique are The Effects Of Crossed Leg On Blood Pressure Measurement, which is the quantitative study and The Experience Of Patients Undergoing Awake Craniotomy, which is the qualitative study. In the process of critiquing, we are to address areas such as the title, abstract, purpose statements, problem statements, hypotheses, literature reviews, and the theoretical frameworks that were used in the
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According to Polit and Beck 2012, a statement of purpose in a quantitative study is easily identified because it uses key study variables such as the word purpose, objective, intent, aim, and goal in the study (p. 79). Therefore, the article clearly and successfully stated the purpose because it used the key word “objective,” to state its purpose of the study. As for a the qualitative article, The Experience Of Patients Undergoing Awake Craniotomy, Polit and Beck 2012 states that its statement of purpose would indicate a key concept or phenomenon, and the group, community, or setting that’s under study (p. 79). Polit and Beck 2012 also mention that phenomenological studies would include words like: experience, lived experience, meaning, and essence (p.79). The article states that its aim was to reveal the participants’ lived experiences before, during, and immediately after their awake craniotomy experience (Palese, et al., 2008), which points out the success of a qualitative purpose statement.
Problem Statement and Hypothesis
“A problem statement is a well- structured formulation of what it is that is problematic, what it is that “needs fixing,” or what it is that’s poorly understood” (Polit & Beck, 2012, p. 82). For the quantitative article, the study was conducted because “research is lacking on the effect of crossing the

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