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Kent Chemical Case Analysis
Careea Nordè, Karen Nostrant, Heather Smith, Mary Stephens, & William Tiemann
Siena Heights University
LDR 660-OA
April 28, 2013




Kent Chemical Case Analysis
Kent, founded by the Fisher family in 1917, established its corporate headquarters just outside of Akron, Ohio in a small town called Kent (Bartlett & Winig, 2012). Kent became a leading global specialty-chemical company when it chose to diversify into additives and other specialty chemicals, developing these products within their own research laboratory in 1953
(Bartlett & Winig, 2012). Kent Chemical Products has grown throughout the years from its core domestic business to an
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There seems to be a breakdown in communication between the regional and international companies, as well as



product issues based on geographic location. When Kent Chemical began selling the halogenated flame retardant, it experienced successful sales in the United States, but did not do so well in European countries (Bartlett & Winig, 2012).
Response and Opportunity
Kent Chemical Products and Kent Chemical International must work cohesively in order to grow the company globally. In order for Kent Chemical Product and Kent Chemical
International to be unified, a team of select qualified individuals will need to be formed between the two companies to open up lines of communication. The first step would be to identify areas of improvement between the two companies and come up with a way to improve the communication process. By hiring an outside firm as a consultant, the two companies would take the first step toward resolving their communication issues, so that neither division feels threatened. Kent Chemical Product and Kent Chemical International will need to explore the market entry, product specialization, value chain disaggregation, value chain engineering, and the creation of a new market (De Kluyver, 2010). Each of these are key components in developing a global company but not all five of these steps are necessary for any company to

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