Kfc Case Essay

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In the last year Pizza Hut has been suffering lost due to poor marking strategy. However, pizza Hut has gained another type of customer that is growing rapidly. Pizzas huts main goal is to cover all of the consumers’ needs. By trying to provide this type of service the company lacks in some other areas that have affected their company. The consequences of their bad judgment have caused pizzas Hut to fall behind and gave the change for their computation to get on the lead by providing the service in a faster and cheaper way. Recently it not only lost customers but have lost money and the franchisees are not very happy with the result and solutions pizzas hut has come up with.

The lack of team work has put Pizzas Hut in a situation
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The company is and will continue with their new pizzas for example the different type of crusts, sizes and flavors. Their delivery is growing in markets. They are expanding their company by making more restaurants everywhere.

In order to grow and have good sales, company should care more about customer’s satisfaction. With them it is much easier implement and to expand.


The mixes of consumers view pizza as a personal, sensual experience. By pizza hut restaurants offering convenient family atmosphere and provide them high quality products. Pizza it’s widely accepted across the U.S. regales if its popularity in some states.


Pizza Hut faces some intense competition from aggressive regional chains and local competition in the markets where it is dominant. The company’s advantage is that it has been able to maintain its dominance in the eat-in pizza segment nationwide. One of Pizza Hut’s strongest competition continues to be Domino’s Pizza. Dominos’ has grown in sales from $626 million in 1984 to 1.085 billion in 1985. If Pizza Hut wants to continue its dominance in the pizza market, it needs to drive out its competitors. The company has well distinguished products and has a large loyal customer base


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