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The Contract
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The aim of this project was to determine the awareness of the labor law to the employees and find out if they make use of it. The labor law gives a lot of right to the employee to protect him from any abuse by his employer. It can also protect the employer, if a worker is working with him and do not follow his employment contract.
The labor law makes any employer – employee relationship fair and balanced between any employer and his employee. Some right are given and by law it is compulsory for the employer to entitle his employee.


Worker: A
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The employer may require the worker to attend to work on these days if it’s necessary by work conditions. In this case worker is entitled an additional wage for that day.

A worker spending 5 continuous years in service with an employer has the right to leave for 1 month with pay for performing the religious pilgrimage duty. This leave shall be granted only once through his service period.

A sick worker has the right to obtain a sick leave to be determined by the medical quarter. During that period he is entitled a compensation for the wage as shall be determined by the Social insurance law. According to articles (1) and (8) of law No. 21 year 1958. The worker has the right to a sick leave every three years in service on the basis of 1 month with full pay. Eight months with a wage of 75% of his salary and 3 months without pay in case the medical quarter decides the likelihood of his recovery.

Information Tools

A questionnaire was to be given out and distributed to a random number of employees to discover their awareness of the labor law and their rights. Test their knowledge and discover the effectiveness of the labor law in Egypt. With the use of this data, the ability to construct statistical diagrams will also be available to make the point clearer. Some of the employees were not educated; they were unable to fill the questionnaire and were aided by another person to

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