Essay about Leadership

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Discuss how one’s leadership style is developed, and the process one would follow to modify their leadership style.
Leadership development comes in many forms for leaders such as through ones educational training and background and/or ones experience in leadership roles. The nature vs. nurture argument has been used frequently when trying to explain leadership competencies. Some have argued that a true leader is born with the appropriate traits needed to lead, whereas, others have argued that leadership can be taught and is a function of one’s environment i.e., education and experience. While both schools of thought are appropriate, because we never really know how much of one’s genetics contribute to the variance in one’s ability to
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Therefore, individuals partaking in a leadership development process in an organization must be careful not to observe something that can be detrimental to their way of thinking while in a leadership role. Additionally, two attribution errors (or cognitive biases) may exist which can alter ones perception of the situation and of self, which are fundamental attribution error and self-serving bias. Therefore, the main take-a-way for leadership development is that one must be cognizant of how their perceptions of their respective environment(s), interactions with people, and the hands-on learning persons acquired by working on tasks all help to shape their learning experiences.
Describe your leadership style along with the advantages, and challenges, of that style in today’s business environment.
Leadership Style Leadership styles are as varied as the individuals who utilize them. In this paper I will discuss what I consider my own leadership style and give examples of various strategies and interventions I have found to be successful in motivating and influencing people to accomplish certain goals.
Leadership Style I feel I have always been in the position of leadership. When I was nine years old, I played baseball, basketball, and football. I was one

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