Leg 500 Assignment 1 Essay

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Employment-At-Will Doctrine

Tonesha Gadson

Strayer University

Law, Ethics, and Corporate Governance (LEG 500)

Professor Augustine Weekley

July 21th, 2012


Traditionally, companies in the United States have possessed the right to terminate their employees at will for any reason, be it good or bad. The Employment-At-Will doctrine encompasses all employees who are not safeguarded by express employment contracts that state that they may be discharged only for good cause. "Good cause" constraints are typically a part of collective bargaining agreements negotiated by employee unions; nonunion workers rarely have this form of protection. The Employment-At-Will
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I would first make sure our company policies state that coming to work late or inappropriate behavior such as rage against employees is not tolerated. Assuming that it is, I would tell her to review and sign a written statement that she has reviewed the policy. I would also provide her with a warning document stating how she continues to come to work late and how her rage is negatively impacting her co-workers and not “beneficial to society in general” and that if she does not fix this behavior in an allotted time, she would be terminated. I would also talk to her to see if there is anything the company can do to help her come to work on time or to have a better attitude towards work and her co-workers. I would then resolve any of the reasonable issues or concerns she may have and document what changes were made to help her and to document why not some of the changes made were. Assuming she does not fix her behavior in the allotted time and after the company tries to help her I would then terminate her. Jennifer’s termination would be based on the fact that she is not following management’s set policies, not showing the right type of behavior toward her employees, not meeting performance

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