Essay on Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health and Social Care

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Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health and Social Care

This essay will discuss the student’s role within a residential care home in relation to legal and ethical aspects of health and social care. The essay will be looking at legislation that is in place to protect both the residents and staff of the home which is run for the care of young children. This will also look at values and ethics and why they are important. This will then go on to discuss the student’s role as a support worker and their duties towards the residents. This essay will also look at ethics and values and how we learn these throughout our lives.

Ethics is about making commitment towards positive values to help with the well being of the individuals within the
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Ethical issues within a work place come in many different forms. Banks (2006) identified four types of issues that frequently have resulted in ethical problems or dilemmas. There are issues on public welfare, issues on individual rights and welfare, issues around relationships, boundaries and professional roles.
There are many ethical issues within the residential home. My role as a student support worker is to assist the teacher in preparing and delivering lessons to the young people, as these young people have a history of absconding, vandalising and could harm themselves or others, the home has to ensure they are under strict supervision twenty hours a day. During the week l take the young people for various activities, such as going to the gym, swimming, bowling and shopping so that they are given the opportunity to interact and socialise with other members of their community. While we were at the gym, one of the service users, who is thirteen years old started a conversation about his personal life. A service user divulge to me that when he absconds from the residential home he goes to see a young woman and has unprotected sex with her, when I questioned him about how old this young women was, he said fifteen years old, I was shocked to discover this and asked him where her parents were when he goes

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