Legal and Regulatory Framework Essay

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Legal and Regulatory Framework I. The basis of the contract
From the coupon attached, we can see the specialist terms as follows: 1. Each person should use only one ticket and not use the ticket in conjunction with other coupons 2. The Minimum consumption should be controlled over 100 yuan. 3. The coupon can’t be used in the holidays. 4. The final interpretation is owned by our company.
The standard form contract is a standard document prepared by many large organizations and setting out the terms on which they contract with their customers. The individual must usually take it or leave it: he does not really ‘agree’ to it. For example, a customer has to accept his supply of electricity on the electricity board’s
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(2) In a contract of sale, other than one to which subsection (3) below applies, there is also an implied warranty that- (a) the goods are free, and will remain free until the time when the property is to pass, from any charge or encumbrance not disclosed or known to the buyer before the contract is made, and (b) the buyer will enjoy quiet possession of the goods except so far as it may be disturbed by the owner or other person entitled to the benefit of any charge or encumbrance so disclosed or known. (3) This subsection applies to a contract of sale in the case of which there appears from the contract or is to be inferred from its circumstances an intention that the seller should transfer only such title as he or a third person may have. (4) In a contract to which subsection (3) above applies there is an implied warranty that all charges or encumbrances known to the seller and not known to the buyer have been disclosed to the buyer before the contract is made. (5) In a contract to which subsection (3) above applies there is also an implied warranty that none of the following will disturb the buyer’s quiet possession of the goods, namely- (a) the seller (b) in a case where the parties to the

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