Essay about Legalisation Debate

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Should cannabis be legalised in Australia? Your response should provide a considered discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of both legalisation and criminalisation, which shows evidence of wide and varied reading.
Cannabis, through the decades has changed dramatically from being an ancient herbal medicine to an illicit drug. Cannabis originated from Central Asia and was used as a healing agent, during rituals and as a spiritual euphoria. However, in most western countries this drug has been criminalized and made illegal by the Geneva Convention Dangerous Drugs Act (1925). Australia has decriminalized cannabis in all states since 1987. There has been a heated debate surrounding the legalization of cannabis. In order to further
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Critics argue that current policies in place have little effect on deterring people from trying cannabis. Libertarians argue that its is hypocritical to ban cannabis when it is less harmful than alcohol considering that alcohol has been proven to be more addictive and cannabis is “safer than aspirin” (Ellard, 1992) However, similar to alcohol and cigarettes, the government should initiate proper education and training about the benefits and preventative measures that should be used when dealing with this drug.
However, there are many disadvantages associated with legalising cannabis, by making this drug readily available similar consequences of that associated with alcohol and tobacco can arise. Although marijuana has been coupled with numerous medical benefits opponents argue that there are alternative legal prescription drugs treatments that would be as effective as marijuana. Cannabis has also proved to have severe effects on individuals diving skills and by legalising it there is more of a risk of people driving while there high, leading to increase in motor vehicle accidents. Another disadvantage of legalising cannabis would mean that since it is readily available more people are likely to become addicted. Increasing health risks in society such as schizophrenia and psychotic disorders (Hall, 1998). A study has

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