Linguistics Essay

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Professor Deare
English 101A
09 March 2015 Take Home essay #1
In many different places of the world, many people have different reactions on what literacy is and how it is applied in life. Literacy is referred to a lot of people as “the ability to read and write” like how it is stated in the dictionary
. People think that having the knowledge of how to read and write that they know the meaning and don’t have to have any more interest in it. After these few weeks of reading and comprehending the
“real” meaning, it has changed the way I look at it and how it has actually affected me in life. Also how it can be referred to as a discourse because of the way many people
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The only thing I ever came close to relating to English when I was younger was when I went out and I saw signs, billboards,etc. or my brother’s homework or books. I used to always try to read them even though I did not know how to pronounce the words. In the article
Superman and me
By Sherman Alexie, I felt like the boy when he described not knowing the meaning of the words,“ I cannot read the words, but I assume it tells me that "Superman is breaking down the door." Aloud, I pretend to read the words and say,
"Superman is breaking down the door”(Alexie 1). When I started going to school, the thing I mostly focused on was learning how to read the words because I was really excited to get the chance to understand what all those words meant. Because of my excitement, I started to learn English quite fast, but also I would confuse myself with the
Spanish spoken at home. I would sometimes confuse my words and sometimes I would want to speak Spanish, but I would speak English or switch it around to where not a lot of people would understand me unless they knew both languages. The only thing I actually knew well in English was how to write and read it. The outcome of this was that in elementary school I didn’t communicate with many classmates because I would just confuse them and sometimes they would mock me because I didn’t know that I was saying. Well to make it more simple, I wasn’t up to their “standards” and the only person who

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