Literary Reflection Essay

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Literary Reflection
As literature has progressed throughout the centuries, one of the basic principles has remained the same and that is: for literature to be effective, the reader must establish a connection of some sort to the literary work. Looking at the story from a theological standpoint, Alice Walker’s short story, The Welcome Table (1970), makes the reader not only imagine the struggles colored people had to endure but also knowing that having faith in Jesus can bring about a sense of joy.
This piece of literary work captured my interest because of its true soulfulness and also how the story was told. The text explains about a point-of-view called omniscient, which is used in this story. Omniscient, according to Clugston, is
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The author also spoke of the old black woman’s strength and weakness. It is not made clear whether or not she was senile but she definitely moved with a tendency that made one believe that she belonged in the church or perhaps knew enough about the church,
“Still she had come down the road toward the big white church alone. Just herself, an old forgetful woman, nearly blind with age… she brushed past him anyway, as if she had been brushing past him all her life, except this time she was in a hurry. Inside the church she sat on the very first bench from the back, gazing with concentration at the stained–glass window over her head” (as cited in Clugston, 2010, section 3.1).
Rather than suggest that the old black woman was lost or suffering from some sort of mental breakdown, the author creates a picture of a strong-willed woman with years of oppression on her face and reaching a point of her life with nothing else to lose but everything to gain. After being literally tossed out of the church and onto the pavement, you would think she would have given up but not so, her spiritual eyes were open and she walks and talks with Jesus bringing upon a sense of joy and pride that no man or woman can take away from her.
The meaning of this literary work, to me, is one that highlights racial tension and divide that was

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