Literature Review of Celebrity Endorsement Essay

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Celebrity Endorsement in Mass Media Advertising Brands Celebrity endorsement in mass media advertising has become a very beneficial phenomenon for many countries and has significantly increased in the past decade, and should be the main principle of brand communications since it is the key to marketing success. Any product that is displayed in a television commercial or magazine advertisement by a corporation that uses a celebrity or well known public figure to give a testimonial or information about the product, is practicing celebrity endorsement. Although commonly thought of starting in the United States, celebrity endorsement began in India during the ‘80s but has since
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(Erdogan, 1999). The general belief among advertisers is that brand communication messages that are delivered by these selectively chosen celebrity endorsers, produce a higher appeal and recall than those advertisements that are not celebrity endorsed. Furthermore, when celebrities are recognized with brand names, it creates a positive attitude, as well as a distinct personality for the brand. For example, Forbes reported that Chanel, an extremely well known Parisian fashion house, acquired an endorsement deal with spokes icon Nicole Kidman, which in turn increased business by about 16%, without administering any changes whatsoever in fragrance or packaging, because “all of a sudden, younger women took notice of the brand (Forbes).” Credibility is also an obvious large part in determining who to use in endorsements for a specific product. Previous research has shown that celebrities that endorse several products at a time are seen as less credible to the typical consumer (Hsu and McDonald, 2002), rather than a celebrity who just endorses a single product. The reason for this insight is because a celebrity who endorses multiple products can seem as if they do not have a real liking or interest in a particular product and will just peddle any product that is asked of them. Another event that could

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