Literature Summary Essay

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The elderly have much to deal with in the limited time they have left. As health practitioners it is our duty to make sure the precious time these patients have left is not spent at a hospital. Elderly readmission rate is unusually high, especially when it comes to the readmission rate of elderly patients with congestive heart failure, thus there must be ways to counteract the high volume of readmission rates amongst the elderly and lower it. The research study by Rich and Beckham used a multidisciplinary approach to treat the elderly patients, who are recovering from congestive heart failures, which might be able to significantly reduce the rate of readmission for elderly patients at high risk (Rich and Beckham 1995). Rich and Beckham …show more content…
This is an ideal circumstance for nurse practitioners because it is our duty to try and keep the patents from ever having to go back to hospital care, and with the use of the results from this study it is possible to drop the readmission rate for the elderly patients with congestive heart failure. Ethics in research is extremely important if a researcher wants to publish his or hers work. Ethics in research in a sense holds a restraint on researchers to never go beyond “the line” in order to get the result that the researchers want. According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science the reasons that ethics are involved in research are because: “it promotes the aims of research promote the values that are essential to collaborative work, help to ensure that researchers can be held accountable to the public, and to help to build public support for research” (Resnik 2011). Since this research study must have passed an ethical review board, generally speaking, this study is ethical. Hypothetically however there may be a few things that the researchers did that could be in a moral gray area for ethical behavior. First the researchers did not randomly assign all of the patients to be treated or to be in the control group. This may be compromising because it means that the researchers might have chosen which

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