Literature and the Literary Tradition Essay

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Literature and the literary tradition

Within the module a multitude of highly diverse texts have been explored, stemming from a variety of authors, nations and time periods, there are distinct and noticeable traits that illustrate different approaches of literary technique and constructions of both ideas and narrative.

One of the primary reasons for this diversity between texts is the social, political and historical context in which the writer constructed the work of literature. For this reason it is imperative that a varied range of literary work be explored in order to be able to compare and contrast the respective way in which literature has been constructed internationally and over numerous time periods.

When analysing
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When discussing intertextuality Hamlet manages to provide a diverse range of responses as it can be read in multiple different means, such as from the perspective of the Psychoanalytical theory of Sigmund Freud many elements of Hamlet bear an entirely different meaning. For example the madness of Hamlet could be argued to merely be the manifestation of Hamlet's desire for vengeance and as such insanity could be deemed false and attributed toward being a façade or construction which Hamlet utilises to serve his own ends. It is also worthy of note that because the social norms, values and readings of such a work would have been highly divergent at the time of publication and reception to the means in which it would be read by contemporary readers and even then there would be varied response according to the ideologies and theory that the reader implemented upon the text and therefore generate an even greater range of responses toward it.

Familiarity is a highly promising aspect of study when evaluating Hamlet as it is relatively unlikely that the majority of those choosing to study a module such as Foundations of Literary Studies will have not had some exposure toward either the play itself or explored some of the other works of Shakespeare. Even a basic knowledge of the author allows for greater expansion on the meanings created within the text as it allows a more concise reintroduction to the historical and social context that played

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