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Library Objectives

The Objective of the university library is to provide books, periodicals, and other instructional materials to support the academic of the University. To carry out this objectives entail certain functions as follows.

1. Acquisition of Materials. Proper selection and acquisition of varied types of materials (books, periodicals, pamphlets, maps and other materials) needed to support the curriculum.

2. Making Materials Available. The role of the library is not to collect and organize library materials, provide a system for its access and retrieval like card catalogs, index to periodicals, bibliographic listing, labels, etc. for its maximum utilization.

3. Develop among students the skill and resourcefulness
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He or she works directly with the College Deans, Principals, Faculty Members and Students and supervises the operations of the departmental libraries.

1. Acquires, organizes and services books and other library materials used in the instructional and research programs of the University.
2. Provides the physical facilities and equipment that will make possible the effective and efficient use of the library.
3. Assists and cooperates with faculty members in the instructional and research program.
4. Endeavors to cooperate with other libraries, researchers and its alumni in making researches available in the library.
5. Formulates and administer policies, rules and regulations to ensure the fullest use of the library by students and faculty members.
6. Promotes the use of the library in every possible way by the students and faculty.
7. Prepares a long-range plan for the updating of the library holdings, services and facilities and for appropriate staffing.

1. Develops and trains the members of the staff.
2. Coordinates the activities of the branch libraries.
3. Prepares and submits annual reports on the conditions, content and use of the library and makes recommendations on alterations of the existing set-up for the improvements of the library services
4. Prepares and administers the library budget.
5. Keeps the students and faculty members informed of changes

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