Love Your Virus Essay

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So, your surfin' the net when poof! Your computer screen goes blank and nothing on your keyboard works. You curse several times loudly, while smacking the monitor. Nothing happens, your computer has just crashed due to a virus. And no it's not West Nile, Small Poxs or Polio.

Computer viruses have been aroud for many years, since about 1986. Who invented computer viruses? Where were they created? Can you create them? All of these questions will be answered, as well as a short timeline of virus history and highlight of some recent major viruses.

First, What is a computer virus? And how do you protect yourself from them? Then, A short timeline of virus' history. And, finally a few recent major viruses.

What is a
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There are several effective Virus defense programs to choose from. Before you purchase one it is always better to make sure it has online updates and upgrades. (Updates, example; adding new viruses to the softwares dictionary. Upgrades, example; getting a new version of the software, AOL 7.0 to AOL 8.0.)

Trojan Horses- (From WWW.HOWSTUFFWORKS.COM- a Trojan Horse is a simple computer program that claims to do one thing but instead it does damage when you run it.) For example it may claim to be a game but actually erases your hard drive. A Trojan Horse it the only type of virus that doesn't replicate on its own. Norton Anti-Virus has almost perfected it's protective software against Trojan Horses.


In 1986 the 1st PC virus. Called the Brain virus, and written in Pakistan, it only infected floppy disks. Then in 1987 in November, Lehigh was virus found at Lehigh University. It was the 1st virus to infect program files. December of the same year, Jerusalem virus was discovered at Hebrew University in Israel. Was 1st virus to re-infect infected files. Durring 1988 the 1st anti-virus program was written, it was made to only remove the Brain virus and immunize your PC against it further. Cascade virus was found in Germany. It was the 1st encrypted virus. Virus' now get media attention in Business Week, Newsweek, Fortnue, PC Mag. and Time. In 1989 the Dark Avanger

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