M1 - Unit 1 Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care

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Task 2 (M1)
My placement was a physical theatre school for young children. In my placement I have observed a 1-1 interaction and a group interaction. The communication that took place was between a teacher and young student. The group interaction was between two teachers and a group of young students.
The context of the group interaction was an informal conversation between two teachers and young students. The interaction seemed informal because of the joking and laughter that occurred, also because the interaction was with children, so you couldn’t be professional and formal; to keep children interested the teachers have to make the activities seem fun. The communication to the group was effective because there were clear instructions
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The one to one interaction with the teacher and child proves that argyles theory works. The child who is the sender first thinks of what message she wants to send and will she says the message to the teacher. She asks the teacher how she can attempt a dance move. The teacher then understands the question by decoding the message, then thinks of how to respond, and what to say, she decides to respond by using speech and explains an easier way to attempt the move.
The group interaction with the teachers and the children shows the stages of Tuckman’s theory. The forming of the group, luckily the group are very comfortable with each other therefore it will be easier to move on to the other stages. The group sit in a circle so then all children are able to see and also so they don’t feel left out and they are included in the group discussions and activities. The storming takes place when the teacher askes the children what song they would like to sing for the Christmas performance. There is a choice out of 3 songs and the children all have a say in what song they would like to sing. The only problem was that some children did not get to sing the song they would have liked. The norming stage came into place when the children finally agreed on a song, the children who did not pick that song still took part in the practice of performing the song. the performing stage came into place straight after the norming, all of the children performed the song to the good standard

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