Mabovu Essay

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According to Kiragu (1998) the civil service is the machinery that governments rely on to design, formulate and implement its policies, strategies and programmes, and to discharge all routine government functions. Good Government is usually synonymous with an efficient and effective civil service. Such a service promotes, through the political leadership, an enabling environment for the social, political and economic development of the country. Therefore, the prevailing weaknesses in the institutions and economies of the African countries, as is the case for other developing countries, are to a significant extent a reflection of the weaknesses in their civil service institutions.
Therefore civil service refers to branch of
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Today writing a book about the civil service is to describe a moving target explaining how it works and why it is changing is even harder. This is the task of this book.
Civil Service in Tanzania started in a time adopted the doctrine of Ujamaa, the civil services were to maintain and kept under the formal arrangement of the party the aim was to maintain the so called development. The power of civil was under the president and at the time has seemed to be the chairman of the party. Therefore he had the way excessive power. Agencies or department remained powerless in case of recruitment, employment, demotion for the powers were taken by the president. This opened the room for the corruption favoritism patronage, lack of integrity. This civil Servants lacked confidence in the 1967 Arusha declaration was passed on which the supremacy of the party gained moment and hence civil service were centered under the element of Arusha declaration where by code of conduct and ethics for civil service was established. The following are the characteristics of civil Services by Max Weber:
To have integrity, to frame work commitments faith to public and organization.
Political impartiality, due to this means that a Civil Servants must be free from politic do not engage in politics activities at work place or allow their political view to influence the performance of their duties.
Ability to work for

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