Essay on Mail Order Brides

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Mail Order Brides Don’t Just Yearn For Citizenship
It has been a long held prejudice that women from countries where their opportunities are limited, marry men from more financially developed countries just to gain citizenship. These women were long thought to be pursuing an international marriage in order to gain more preferable rights, have a more sophisticated lifestyle, and gain an abundant amount of money. Although these could very well be the motives of some, not all international or mail order brides marry for these reasons.
Although many people may not realize, the concept of mail order brides had an ample responsibility in the progression of North America. The first mail order brides were women from England in the 17th and 18th
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For some this is largely a factor in their decisions to search for men but this opinion is almost always incorrect. For example, according to Jamie Frater, a postgraduate at the Royal College in London, states that in Russia there is a shortage of men which makes it about 8 men to every 10 women (Frater). As a consequence to this shortage, women in Russia are required to look elsewhere in order to find a husband. According to Natalia Brophy, a communication expert specializing in international and business communication, Russia women aren’t specifically looking for American men and If they could find a good husband they would stay in Russia (Brophy). Although since there is a shortage, alternative outlets such as mail order bride websites came about to connect unmarried women to men looking for companionship.
As a result of this stereotype, people have become much more skeptical of mail order brides. Men feel as though they could be vulnerable to these women due to the cases of mail order brides killing their husbands, and based on what they’ve heard about mail order brides taking advantage of their husbands. To aid in the suspicion some men might have of mail order brides, Congress enacted the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendment (IMFA) (Chun). This amendment made it more

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