Management Case Study 1 Essay

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When it comes to building great leaders within a company, it can be a big challenge. In this century, it is especially more difficult for leaders to perform and the rapid globalization thats happened is making it even more challenging. GE uses management science theory to manage and organize its company. The company uses the classical perspective to train its employees into becoming leaders, its uses behavioral management perspective by providing its employees a place where they can go and develop their skills. It has kept up with the contingency perspective by creating new leaders, that are able to advance as globalization changes. GE has used management science theory more than quantitative approaches to provide their customers the …show more content…
Immelt believes in respecting history, as well as learning from the past. GE has been a success for several years now and during these years, its shows that the company has made tremendous progress. The company has such great innovations with the use of practical technology. Many areas such as medicine, defense, manufacturing, and households have benefited from the company's inventions. The GE's management innovations that seem to draw on a classical management perspective are: the leader of the company set up a classes to help their employees develop as leaders. About 9,000 GE employees go take classes at Crotonville, New York, which is the company's legendary-in-house management school. The company developed a management strategy called “Blue Books”, which controlled the managers every move and forced them to follow rules. The management innovations that draw on the behavior-management perspective is that in the company's management school, the company changes the curriculum of the classes to focus more on the innovations and customers. As Immelt states “the foundation of how you become innovative”, this tells shows that the company is passionate about what they make and provide to its customers. The contingency perspective explains the management changes that GE has made over the years by creating and providing new leaders every day to grow and better the company, and this makes them successful as

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