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Please find below our quote for the proposed cabinetry modifications to the above address.

Gym Room:
Three options presented for ensuring smooth operation of sliding doors to allow for correct alignment with solid wall: 1) Alignment of sliding doors – two employees one full day labour: $1,550.00 2) Re-making and fitting of running track using existing doors and track mechanisms: $4,500.00 3) Remaking the existing door and replacement of running mechanisms entirely including removal of existing cabinetry: $7,450.00

Issue with panel and door alignment due to compression by desk in situ: • Cutting edge of existing door to suit: $345.00

Entry room:
Issue one quoted is the correct placement and alignment of
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GST will be charged – please note our recommendation is to pursue this option as touching up paint will not blend perfectly

Entry to Kitchen:
Included in our quote are the following items: • Refacing existing panels with new veneer (2 sheets) • Cutting & spraying of new materials • Labour

Our price including delivery, fitting & GST: $2,150.00

Barbeque Area:
Included in our quote are the following items: • Stainless steel to all relevant areas as per the specifications including templates and fitting • Cabinetry as per specifications • Aluminium hex core or

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