Marie and Meursault: Meant to Be or Want to Be? Essay

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Marie and Meursault: Meant to Be or Want to Be? “It occurred to me that anyway one more Sunday was over, that Mamam was buried now, that I was going back to work and that really, nothing had changed.”(1.1.15) These are some of the words that ran through Meursault’s mind after his mother’s death. He was very isolated from her so he felt as if nothing had changed. He was not the most outgoing person but the same cannot be said about his love interest, Marie. Throughout the novel, The Stranger, Meursault and Marie reveal just how many similarities and differences they share in the topics of emotion, actions and mannerism. To begin with, emotion was most certainly one of the main factors of the book. Emotion played such a big impact it …show more content…
In addition to emotion, Marie and Meursault have very similar and different actions. As obviously pointed out I the novel, the both enjoy having feeling relations with each other. The both are very good at controlling their actions in the majority of the story. For example, even when Meursault is awaiting execution he does not panic or freak out with the exception of trying to be forced to pray. The two adults are not completely the same in their actions though, they are also very different. Meursault does not stay low key all of the time, sometimes he just has to let it out. While at the beach with Marie, and his friends, they come across the Arab that cause trouble for Raymond. Instead of just going with the flow, Meursault goes and takes charge of the situation. It may not have been his smartest action considering it took away someone’s life; it was a very different way to stand up for something. Meursault clearly had a great deal more of bravery than his girlfriend, Marie.

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Lastly, the similarities and differences between Marie and Meursault were also influenced by mannerism. Meursault and Marie made very clear throughout their time together that they had a different way of doing things than we do now. In their relationship, they did not take things as slowly as we

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