Essay on Marijuana, America 's Favorite Drug

1997 Words May 28th, 2015 8 Pages
Michael Gugliotta
English 2 Honors
Mrs. Salvatorelli
Marijuana, America’s Favorite Drug Many people throughout the world use drugs for numerous reasons. Drugs have been used primarily for medical uses and for recreational use. Most drugs that are not prescribed by a physician are illegal due to the effects they have on people who do them. Recreational drugs are in high demand, leading to a rise in drug dealing. Many people are arrested for buying and selling these drugs. One of the most common drugs sold and used illegally is marijuana. Marijuana is illegally planted, distributed, and used by many people throughout the country. The United States does not believe in legalized marijuana, but marijuana should become legalized. Despite many Americans opposing the idea of legalizing marijuana, it can become a beneficial product to the citizen’s health, economy, and in the medical field. Marijuana is one of many drugs that leads to illnesses, and in some cases, cancer for the drug user. People believe it is unsafe to use marijuana recreationally due to its effects on the person. Marijuana’s effects are similar to any drug or chemical that is inhaled. These products are made with many different chemicals which will eventually destroy a person’s body. One of the most common chemicals in cigarettes, cigars, and laced marijuana is nicotine. Nicotine is…

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