Mark Twain's Advice to Youth Essay

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Rhetoric is the study of effective thinking, writing, and speaking strategies and is an essential part of writing. To be valuable, a text must be developed and written with a clear perspective and purpose in mind. For most writers they first have to find the function their writing will serve in its particular context. Writers then need to express this purpose and choose specific rhetorical strategies which will achieve it. Writers use many different strategies such as symbolism, style, tone and voice. In Mark Twains “Advice to Youth” his style and tone really allow for him to capture his audience. Twains humor allows for the young audience to relate to what he is saying. This humor also helps them to connect with the speaker by allowing …show more content…
In this section his humor his quite apparent and it continues through his entire speech.
Another big idea in his speech was the act of lying.“ Now as to the matter of lying, You want to be very careful about lying; you are nearly sure to get caught. Once you get caught, you can never again be in the eyes of good and the pure, what you were before”. Again we see Twain poking fun at this idea that we are all taught from such a young age. From childhood we are told not lie, but in fact, everybody lies and it is only until we get caught that we feel we did something wrong. Twain tries to show us this by using irony. He talks about being seen in the eyes of the “good and pure”, but I think the message he is trying to convey is, there is nobody “good and pure.” People who are considered to be “good and pure” are simpiply people who have not gotten caught in there lie yet. As long as everything is covered up, and the truth never gets out we justify the lie that we have told. In this paragraph Twain also tells a story about a statue that exists in Boston, in honor of the man that invented anesthesia. However, it was later found that this man actually stole this idea from someone else, and yet the statue still stands. This adds to his idea of irony. That even after the lie is uncovered it doesn’t go away, and people never really know the truth.
A different tactic that Twain uses besides his humor is repetition. The repetition or restatement of an idea

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