Masculinity of Mike Tyson Essay

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“Iron Mike”
Events, icons, technology, and environment affect the male population in America. Most males have a person they look up to for inspirations and motivations. Males want to be tough and strong, and they want to be feared by other males. Males enjoy being better than everyone else and impressing women. When a successful male icon experiences a downfall, most men are shocked and fear for their own downfall. Mike Tyson is an example of a successful male whose downfall became a public spectacle for all to witness. Tyson, once a popular male icon, soon affected the male population while building his own criminal record. The fight of Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield demonstrates how far a man will go to obtain the title of the “Iron
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Like most men, Mike Tyson valued competition; he always wanted to be a winner. Being the best was always his goal, and he would literally do anything to obtain a title. Throughout his life, Tyson fought at his best and was referred to as the “Baddest Man on the Planet.” Because of names like this, Tyson always wanted to be number one, and live up to the manly nicknames society placed upon him. In 1997, Mike Tyson was facing Evander Holyfield in the boxing ring. Tyson experienced an unbalanced emotional range of passion and anger, which caused him to cross the line of what is accepted in society. Tyson was caught up in his emotions and bit Holyfield’s ear. This moment in sports will always be remembered. After this incident, nicknames such as “Iron Mike” were soon replaced with nicknames that compared him to an animal. His actions were inhuman-like and everything that Mike Tyson accomplished throughout his lifetime suddenly became meaningless. He always boxed by the rules and during that moment he crossed the line. This event showed how important fighting and competition were for Tyson. His fans and audience were disappointed in his actions, and he was no longer the ultimate “Iron Mike.”
Even though Mike Tyson apologized for the incident, his reputation was no longer the same. Later in an interview, he described the night as “the worst night of [his] professional career” and promised that he “will never do [it] again”

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