Maslow and Jung: Life and the Workplace Essay

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Maslow and Jung: Life and the Workplace
Personality Theories: Steve Domalik
PSY 250 Psychology of Personality
Instructor: Pamela Poynter
January 24, 2006 Maslow and Jung: Life and the Workplace

We work, strive, succeed, and sometimes we fail. What drives us to succeed, or in some cases keeps us from success? Perhaps a better understanding of our motives, and the motives of our colleagues would help us make the personality changes we need to succeed. The way we interact with others in the workplace and our personal life may be improved. The Freudian theories opened our minds to many of our odd behaviors but did little to provide methods of self-examination. Very few of us have the time and the funds available for in-depth
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Jung carefully recorded his dreams, fantasies, and visions; he felt if we could recapture our mythologies, our ghosts, we could understand these ghosts and heal our mental illnesses (Boeree, 2006). Jung's sense of personal examination and commonality of the unconscious may allow us all to heal and live better, more fulfilling lives.
Abraham Maslow's belief in Humanistic Psychology and his Hierarchy of Needs can be, and has been, applied in the workplace outside of psychology. A pyramid, with Physiological Needs at its base, represents the Hierarchy (Boeree, 2006). The Hierarchy's five stages: physiological, safety, belonging, esteem, and Self-actualization explain many of the motivations within the workplace. One example is the rather obvious puzzle of why employees are only temporarily satisfied by a raise in salary. Inevitably, most employees are satisfied when first receiving the bump up in pay. However, just as inevitably, shortly thereafter the same employee expects another raise; he has become dissatisfied. Even when the raises in pay are forthcoming in intervals that are acceptable, the employee still seems to become dissatisfied.
Maslow believed that we are driven to understand and accept ourselves as fully as possible, and are motivated to satisfy ever-increasing levels of motivation. Once the basic need of enough money to provide a basic standard of living is

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