Mcdonalds Case Study Essay

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Case Study #1
McDonalds’s “Senior’s”

McDonalds “Seniors” Restaurant Bridgett Bowen is the owner of a McDonalds restaurant that is open to public but recently the main clientele of the Bowens restaurant has been seniors. She would like to develop a marketing strategy that addresses the needs of her senior citizen patrons and also the regular everyday customer. However, she is looking for additional recommendations to improve her marketing mix. It is important not to neglect senior citizens as they are an important part of the market and they have money to spend but at the same time young consumers are considered to be the main users of chain restaurants due to the reputation of
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It may take on the name of the “old people’s restaurant”. This will detour many of the younger customers and the customers who are coming to get the fast food service
There is also a possibility that if she continues to concentrate on senior citizens they might monopolize the restaurant and younger generation would feel uncomfortable visiting a place filled with seniors. Mc Donald’s restaurant must accommodate more young customers as well as the older ones because of its notable services being offered worldwide, such as affordable meal price, comfortable and convenient place, and playground areas for children, also offering safe and healthy foods.

In addition, the idea of adding bingo to add to the excitement of the mornings for the seniors from nine to eleven a.m. may be a good idea to help add to the money flow of the seniors. Using the party room would accommodate up to 150 senior patrons and leave the main part of the restaurant open to other paying customers. She figures she could charge $5 per person for the two-hour period and run it with two underutilized employees which won’t cost the restaurant any extra money. The prizes would be coupons for purchases at her store and would amount to about two-thirds of the bingo receipts which will bring back into the store.
An Alternate solution would be to end the senior meal deal. If the deal attracts the crowd than the deal may slowly push

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