Memoirs of a Geisha Journal Entry from the Pov of the Chairman

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Memoirs of a Geisha Character Journal

First Entry:

Chairman Iwamura

Dear Journal,

Today I had the most peculiar encounter. This afternoon, as I was nearing the

Minamiza Theater to see the Kabuki play, Shibaraku after lunch, I met a young girl no

older than 14 dressed in maids attire and crying in an alley along the Shirakawa Stream. I

was not thinking when I approached her for I was with two business associates and a

geisha who was accompanying us but something drew me towards her. She had not yet

noticed me until I spoke something about the day and her unhappiness. When the words

left my mouth she looked up and studied me with her beautiful grey blue eyes. I felt as if I

could see right through to
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I always wanted to hire him

but could not because he worked for one of my allies and that would ruin our business

relationship. One day I found out he had quit and I immediately hired him. I later found

out that this was because he had always wanted to work for me but was waiting for me to

ask him to. He then said that he finally figured why I wouldn’t hire him and quit so I

would. I have realized that this is exactly like the situation I am in now except Nobu is the

supplier and Sayuri is the man. In this case I want Sayuri but I don’t want to jeopardize

my relationship so she finally cut her ties with Nobu. For this reason I have decided to tell

Nobu what I witnessed I just hop that everything will work out.

I am going to try to talk to Sayuri this coming week about hopefully becoming her

dana. The thought that this may finally come to pass greatly excites me for I have been

waiting many years for this. I have been carefully watching her and taking care of her

from afar and now I can finally tell her. All of my dreams will come to pass very soon and

I am very excited for what the future holds.
Third Entry:

Chairman Iwamura

Dear Journal,

It has now been many years since I asked to become Sayuri’s dana. They have

been some of the happiest years of my life and she is a fixture in my life it seems. I have

even taken her on a few business

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