MGT/311 WEEK 5 Reflection Essay

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Week 5: Learning Team Reflection
MGT/311 Organizational Development
October 28, 2013

Week 5: Learning Team Reflection
One of the objectives that the team discussed was diversity in the workplace. Major corporations have encountered issues concerning diversity in the work place. Our team can directly relate to this subject in the workplace since all of us are diverse minorities in our individual work place. It was discussed in the group that diversity in the workplace is the manager’s responsibility to insure that the workplace is a diverse environment. Managers in most companies are required to hire a diverse staff. Managers have the ability to use race, religion, and tenure as qualities to inspire success and
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Management can get over this resistance by building support, encouraging participation, and by being fair. It is important to understand that in making managerial changes in the current routine of many workers will not be easy. It is essential for management to implement appropriate management methods to smooth out the companies transitional change.
As a team there were two management theories discussed, the first steps involve communicating and persuading employees that change is critical for a successful company or business and is best for everyone involved. The second step is to create a team of respected leaders. The next step is to create a vision of the change needed and the situated that will help the employees and company. Next is communicating the vision with the leadership. Step five is to enable employees to change in accordance with the vision that is wanted through short-term goals. The next step recognizes the improvements needed and adjust changes to make. Lastly, reinforcing change into an organizations culture, processes and procedure in a timely and organized form will be most efficient (Robbins & Judges, 2011).
Making change is for the best for its employees and organization. There will always be resistance with that change and there are two major forces for the change of resistance; organization and individual change. When faced with an organizational change, management must communicate the details of the changes to their

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