Movie Case Study Essay

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Movie Case Study This case study is comprised of a sample of one hundred movies with the following four variables: opening gross sales, total gross sales, number of theaters, and weeks in top 60. The four variables are used to analyze the motion picture industry, and show the descriptive statistic of the variables and to analyze the results. The results will show the high performance outliers of the motion picture industry and why. The correlation between total gross sales and each variable will be shown and will be accompanied by X, Y scatter graphs. At completion of this case study the reader will understand the following descriptive statistics mean, standard deviation, sample deviation, and range for all four variables, and the …show more content…
* The last descriptive statistic is the range which is the difference between two extremes. The range for opening gross sales is 108.427; the range continues to show the highs and lows of the movie industry as the minimum value for the movies is so low it hardly affects the maximum number.

The second variable is total gross sales this is similar to opening gross sales because there is a very big difference between the best selling movie and the least selling movie once again due to popularity. However some movies that did not have the best opening sales have ended with better total sales. * The mean for total gross sales is 33.0384, this shows that the average total movie sales is over thirty three million dollars. The movie industry would use this to see if there movies was above or below the industry average of thirty three million. * The standard deviation for total gross sales is 63.16469269, this show that there is a sixty three million dollar deviation between the mean. * The sample variance for total gross sales is 3989.778403, just like opening gross sales there is a large variance. This is because of huge difference between successful and unsuccessful movies. * The range of total gross sales is 380.151; once again the range is very high due to the lowest number being very small in

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