Mr. Omkar Essay

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Ladies and gentleman we need your help. Today I want to talk about the facts, disperse the myths and highlight the many ways we can help save our planet. Our planet is slowly dying right beneath our feet. Our planet has risen 0.6 of a degree for the past ten years. The United Nations panel has predicted that the temperature will rise 3-10 degrees Fahrenheit by the century’s end. Yet we are still burning coal and oil the two of the world’s most top reasons why global warming is happening. If we do not do anything about it what we call as our today we will be saying was our planet yesterday.

If global warming continues and temperatures continue to rise then it will be enough to have the polar caps all but melted. If this happens majority
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What I'm about to tell you is real and will change your life forever-so wake up and smell the roses which are now blooming in winter.
Global warming is one of the biggest threats to human kind. It is caused by the raising of earths temperature in the lower atmosphere. Since the industrial revolution the temperature has gone up by 1 degree Fahrenheit of what it has averaged to be for centuries. Doesn't sound like much and your right, but for every degree it goes up already 500 feet of snow won't fall. As in our earth is heating.
The hottest recorded temperature was in 2005 which matched the temperature in 1998. Twice in the last decade we've had the hottest temperature on average ever recorded throughout history. Coincidence. I think not. The snows of the Kilimanjaro have basically vanished and in a couple decades Glacier National park is going to need a new name because by 2030 there will be no glaciers left in the whole park. The great Greenland icecaps are melting at an alarming pace, and sliding into the sea. Your right, who cares it's not like its happening near us. But by 2100 all our coastal states will look like Venice including ours. You won?t be alive but your children and grandchildren will. The sea level is expected to rise up to 23 inches in the next decade. There has been a 100 percent increase in intensity and duration of hurricanes and tropical storms since 1970 according to a 2005 MIT

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