My Eating Habits For Five Days Essay

1036 Words Jun 16th, 2015 5 Pages
Creating a perfectly balanced meal regimen is a tough goal to accomplish. In unit 2, I tracked my eating habits for five days. My nutrient report based off of that period of time clearly pointed out the many flaws of my diet. I was deficient in several important nutrients, minerals and vitamins such as:
• Fiber
• Calcium
• Potassium
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin K (Super Tracker).
In addition to my deficiencies, I was over indulgent in sodium. I acknowledged the changes I needed to make and did my best to stay on track. For a while I was doing great, but during this unit I made a trip home for my dad’s birthday. To be honest with both you and myself I was over indulgent in some not so healthy foods. Although I did participate in a couple of cheat days, my overall nutrient report for the five days I tracked this time around was surprisingly better than the report I received back in unit 2. The first difference I came across was my overall calorie intake. I have a target calorie bank of 1500 calories. In unit 2 I consumed an average of 1309 calories. This time around I only consumed an average of 1187 calories. Being as active as I am I want to make sure I’m consuming an adequate amount of calories to accommodate my activity. Although my average intake this time around isn’t too far off, I will consider consuming an extra snack or two, such as a cheese stick or some applesauce, to make sure I stay within a certain range from my target calorie intake.

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