Essay on Native Americans vs Europeans

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In the time of the American Revolutionary War, there were many differences that influenced how our country turned out today. Most of the cultural differences occurred between the Native Americans and the Europeans that had newly settled in what is known today as America. Some of the most notable differences were those of religion, political, economic, and social. These differences divided the habitants of America in several ways and formed many bonds but also brought them to many moments of conflict. When the Europeans landed in America, they sought religious freedom and often tried to convert the Native Americans. The Native Americans as a whole could not grasp the concept of worshiping only one “god”. Native Americans believed …show more content…
They believed that the land belonged to everyone. The whole community farmed the land that they occupied. Only certain tribes staked claim on hunting lands during the different seasons. Native Americans, depending on the tribe, often migrated depending on the time of the year. When they would return to a certain plot of land, they would often find that it had been claimed by the Europeans. This issue led to a lot of conflicts between the Native Americans and the Europeans as it did between the French and Spanish. Warfare was different between the two. The differences were why they fought, what they fought with, and how they fought. “Native American warfare generally remained minimal, with rivals seeking to humiliate one another and seize captives rather than inflict massive casualties or conquer land” (The Enduring Vision pg 16). Europeans had several reasons that they engaged in conflict. They often engaged in violent acts because of land ownership, trade, power, and religion. The Europeans had guns, ammo, cloth, steel hatchets, and kettles. The Native Americans did not have these modern capabilities. They had bows, arrows, ceramic pottery, and arrowheads to protect them against their enemies. It wasn’t until Native American’s started trading with Europeans did they get violent. It was noted by New England officer that “they might fight for seven years and not kill seven men” (Enduring Vision, pg 17). Although there were differences, the

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