Nature and our responsibility towards it Essay

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Natural resources are things we depend in our everyday lives. Food, water, and clean air are three natural resources that we depend on constantly. We have a responsibility towards these resources and that’s to not deplete them. We have to stand up and take responsibility and save the resource before they are all gone. If we deplete these resources the human species will die out.

First we have to take responsibility and not deplete our natural resources because they feed us. Animals eat natural resources such as grass, hay, and a mixture of other natural resources so that they can stay alive. In return we eat these animals to keep us alive. If we don’t care for these resources not only will we be depleting natural resources; we will
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Water is also needed to make food. We have a lot of irrigation so that large farms that don’t get enough water from rain can be watered. These farms are what supply us with most of our food. The things thing that’s wrong with irrigation is that it removes water from its natural source. That then causes fertilizer that’s in soil to dissolve and then go into streams which pollutes the water. When farmers use irrigation to water these large areas of land it also brings the salt up from lower levels; which is also a form of pollution. When trees are removed it also has a huge impact on our water cycle. Trees release water vapor which in return produce humidity. The water vapor evaporates into the earth’s atmosphere where it comes together before coming back to earth as rain, sleet, or snow. If trees are cut down it can affect the weather and cause less rain to be produced. That causes more issues because the less rain that’s produced the drier the land becomes. That can bring droughts, which will cause a major impact on humans and animals. The human body consists of a maximum of 75% water. That means water is a very important factor for the human species as well as animals to survive. Due to the need for water being so high it’s important that it’s not polluted. Water pollution causes many issues for our natural resources such as grass, trees, and plants. If the animals feed on the resources that has been contaminated it can cause the animals to be infected with

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