Network Technology Concepts Essay

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Networking Technology Concepts

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The purpose of my paper is to explain the concepts of networking technology and what impact these concepts have in an organization. A number of these concepts embody, but are not restricted to, improved communication, enlarged productivity, and enhanced mobility. In addition, what part does network architecture play in developing network technology? In doing thus, I will be able to justify the aim and role that standard-setting organizations play in establishing network standards and identify two standards in network technology and outline their roles. Explain the importance of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and show how they contribute to the
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Furthermore, improves the effectiveness of recruitment, selection and employing potential candidates for open positions. Moreover, they may be used to administer screening assessments, to check what type of websites a potential candidate visits, or if they are a good fit for the organization.

Mobility. Mobility in network technology contributes to the advancement in networking. As most businesses or organizations constantly look forward to the help from modern technology to improve mobility through remote access. In employing this model it aids in increased productivity from employees and improved customer service.
Increased mobility also means a higher security risk for organizations as their systems and data could be compromised for allowing such access. So while this is beneficial it is also risky.
Network Architecture. Ultimately computer network architectures means separating the three types such as LAN (local area network), MAN (Metropolitan area network) and WAN (wide area network) A LAN can consist of two or more computers in the same office or building. Fiber optic or Ethernet cables are used to connect the computers in a LAN. Home networks, personal networks and office networks fall in LAN. A typical MAN involves of two or more computers at two different geographic locations in the same city. (Dean, 2013)
ISO. International Organization for Standardization is a network of national standards

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