Essay on Nontraditional Health Care

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Running Head: Nontraditional Health Care

Christina L. Seitsinger
Grand Canyon University
Transcultural Health Care
November 13, 2011

Nontraditional Health Care When the words health care are thought about, it typically forces one’s mind to think of a doctor, nurse, or hospital. This is the typical Western idea of what health care is. The author has first hand experience of the typical health care, being she is a radiology technologist and works within a hospital. However, the author has research other forms of health care that are often put in a substandard category and looked down upon by Western medicine practitioners. These forms include natural and holistic approaches that use chiropractic, meditation, kineseology,
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The author has the pleasure of knowing a natural healer. “Phyllis Douglass is a visionary Shaman, Musician, Vibrational Healer, Dowser, and intuitive using the sounds of quartz crystal and himalayan singing bowls, voice, indigenous instruments, and energy medicine to facilitate the process of transmutation on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual” (Integrated Arts of Sound and Body). The author has had a few sessions with Phyllis and has experienced a higher sense of wellbeing. In one session, it entailed “sounds of crystal singing bowls and Phyllis’s voice and specific yoga postures that help deepen inner awareness, while opening and aligning one’s chakras” (Equilibrium Fitness, 2010). Another session, the author experienced “pure and sacred harmonic of Himalayan and quartz crystal singing bowl and voice, creating an alchemy of vibrational frequencies allowing one to access higher levels of awareness, and to align and integrate the energetic frequencies with body, mind, and spirit” (Equilibrium Fitness, 2010). These sessions with Phyllis has help the author feel open and reconnected to herself. One thing the author found to be fascinating was that she started this work with Phyllis before the class assignment of nontraditional health care. At first she thought, “what a coincidence,” but through these experiences it

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