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What role enables users working at another computer on the company network, or on the internet, to establish a connection to a server and open an application or desktop session there?
Terminal Services
What Windows Server 2008 installation option is a stripped-down version of the operation system?
Server Core
When a client runs an application on a terminal server, what resources does the application utilize?
The Terminal Server's resources
A complete installation of an operating system that runs in a software environment emulating a physical computer.
Virtual Server
What are the number of roles a Windows Server 2008 computer support?
Depends on the computer's hardware configuration, hardware requirements for a role, and the size
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HTML errors
When IIS7 receives an HTTP request containing a URL with no filename, and none of the default document filenames exit in the specified folder, the Web server has two choices: it can generate an error, or it can __________ .
Display the IIS7 page
HTTP Logging is one of the role services that Windows Server 2008 installs by default with Web Server IIS role. (T/F)

When IIS7 generates a 404 error, it sends a ______ error page, in response to local requests, and a _______ error page for requests coming from other computers. custom; detailed
What can FTP7 use to encrypt its authentication traffic before transmission?
By default, when a client first connects to an FTP server, the server transmits ______. anonymous user information
What is the most secure of the traditional challenge/response authentication methods supported by IIS7?
Windows Authentication
Which authentication protocol is integrated into an IIS7 installation by default?
Windows Authentication
What specifies what clients are able to do on a Web site after the server has authenticated them?
Authorization Rules
The process of confirming a user's identity, usually by requiring the user to supply some sort of token, such as a password or a certificate, is called?
To restrict Web site of FTP access to specific computers or companies, you can create a list of __________ and ______ to which the server will

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